Warrior Woman


Original acrylic painting 

100 x 100cm on  4cm deep stretched cotton canvas

3 Hanging hardwares applied on each 4 sides, edges painted gold

All artworks come with Certificate of Authenticity

Signed on the back

Also available as Limited Edition of Print on Canvas in 3 sizes and on Photo Rag in 5 sizes (Not In Gallery)


Warrior Woman

This artwork is inspired by the struggles women go through during our lifetimes and the scars those leave behind.

While creating this piece I practiced trusting my intuition and stripping back all the layers down to the raw canvas letting go of all the details that were not meant to stay. As I washed the excess paint away I positively reflected on each scars I have from my own adverse experiences.

I celebrate my femininity and embrace the mental & emotional strength that I gained. I reflect on how far I came and am grateful for the resilience that I developed, knowing that no matter what happens, even if everything gets taken away, I can always start over again, and get to a better place than before.

I invite the viewer to do the same and positively reflect on their journey and everything that led up to the present.

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