Phil Entwistle’s work is rooted in a love for the Earth. In his paintings we see a planetary surface with the structures and patterns that emerge from erosion, folding, fracturing and weathering over geological time. His practice is to explore the places where these processes are revealed most clearly, in crags, quarries and shorelines. His recent work investigates the relationships between the natural and man-made landscape, particularly in the more rugged parts of northern England.

His observational drawings, supplemented by photographs and watercolour studies, are the basis for larger-scale oil paintings on aluminium or canvas.

Phil grew up in Lancashire and now lives in Yorkshire. He has pursued his professional practice in an art collective at Hull College, School of Art and Design, since 2011.

Phil’s oil paintings are produced on 2mm thick aluminium sheet with a concealed backing frame. The sheet is prepared by the artist with a white gesso eggshell finish which takes both graphite and oil paint with exceptional clarity, without the woven texture of canvas. The crisp, clean edge draws all attention to the painting itself which ‘floats’ some 2cm (1 inch) from the wall