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Christopher Rainham

Christopher Rainham is inspired by the natural world and in particular his own experience of it.

He is interested in the way society interacts with the wild and not so wild things that surround it, the effect we have upon the environment and the things that depend on it to live. Christopher also takes inspiration from the way flora and fauna are woven in to language as the explanations of things, stories and beliefs.

Paintings and drawings are developed using a wash of water on conte or a range of earth colours, blues and greys in paint and then the pictoral elements are rendered in their required colours. Often a painting needs to be ‘knocked back’ by having a wash applied over the existing image to be worked up again.This technique allows him to investigate light shade and modelling and to play with depth in order to move the edges of objects into the foreground or background.

For Rainham, starting a painting or drawing is exhilarating. It is full of promise and possibilities.
He is never daunted by the white sheet of paper or blank canvas. He has thought of offering his services to other artists as ‘picture starter.’